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For those of you who attended a course presented by AJ Clarke there are copies of the referenced material below:
Case tool list (Objects by design web site)  

bullet3 Identifying & Confirming User Requirements (315)

Example UML models for Taylor Booksellers Inc. Requirements Engineering - Tool Vendors & Freeware Levels & types of Requirements Requisite Pro - (Screenshot) IEEE-830 System/Software spec (PDF) Requirements spreadsheet (xls) Taxonomy of information Classes of Requirements (PDF) IDEF Process pattern Action Plan QFD

bullet3 Software Systems Analysis & Design (322)

Analysis & Design - what are they? Tea Machine Class diagram and Sequence Diagram Diagrams by Life cycle phase (Structured method)  -  UML subdiagram hierarchies Geometric shapes in an OO hierarchy Use Case Diagram - Swim lane examples: 1  2
Visual Paradigm - Mobile Phone example,    CRM model example
Brain personality test

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