Our approach

Our approach follows a simple yet effective process
- Understand your goals, problems or needs
- Use appropriate IT skills to research and discover the underlying facts or causes
- Provide a solution (any combination of advice, reporting, software modelling or staff training)
- Follow up with debriefing sessions that check you are satisfied with the service and the results

About us

bullet3 What skills do we have?

With a variety of backgrounds and interests ranging from software and engineering to marketing and business administration, we have built upon our business so that the greatest asset to our clients is our network of associations with other companies who provide particular specialist services such as project management, web development or audits.

bullet3 Who we are?

We work as a group of associates who either work directly with clients, or provide training, via  Learning Tree International, or consultancy and IT development via Three Media Associates


We cater for clients of any size, and in any business sector.  - Why? Because to core of the service is not dependant on those factors. It depends on the topic and nature of the problem and the skills required in working towards a solution. Our focus is to use our skills to the client's advantage. Our ethics determine that we would prefer to decline an offer of work where we consider that the nature of the work would mean that we would not be able to offer the client our usual quality of service.

bullet3 Size

Most of our clients are medium sized (30-200 people) although they may be part of a larger organisation, or conversely they may be individuals who what a step up in their skills. Our preference is to have a nominated client contact with whom we identify the needs, agree the terms of reference and who is the project champion. This mechanism makes it easier to get a clear focus on what is required and access to the relevant people and resources in your organisation.

bullet3 Length of Contract

The services that we provide in consultancy and training can last from one day to an ongoing relationship that lasts for several years and may require either a full time or part time presence on your site.

bullet3 Business Sectors

Our business ethics and practices include confidentiality and non-disclosure of client interests. We cannot therefore name the work done for specific clients although we can identify some of the companies to whom we have provided services in the last 25 years.

TV and Media - BBC, Telewest and other broadcast and cable operators
Banking - NatWest, J.P Morgan, Abbey National
Defence - Dept of Defence (Canada), MOD, HMGCC, NATO
Botanical & Tourism - Borde Hill Garden
Other - Pension, Life Assurance, Public sector etc.